35 years experience in cloud seeding

AgI-Generator for airborne cloudseeding

Who we are

We are a small aviation company that is specialized in cloud seeding operations. You can learn more about our team here and more about our aircraft here.


How hail suppression works

For hail suppression we inject several trillions of burned silver iodide nuclei into clouds thus enhancing the number of ice forming nuclei inside the cloud. This leads to the production of smaller ice particles inside the cloud. You can read more about this method here.


Why hail suppression?

Hail suppression is conducted for several decades now mainly in the agricultural sector to reduce crop damage by hailstorms. By seeding the hailstorms with silver iodide it is possible to reduce harvest losses by   30 - 60 %.

However since there is a increase in severe hailstorms in the last years cloud seeding is increasingly used to protect people and property as well. You can find out more about our active projects here.